It’s no secret that fashion plays a big roles in harming our planet. Foremost problem being the fast changing fashion trends, high output factories, and unsustainable clothing production practices. We can’t blame on the clothing brands and retailers, we as consumers and how we interact with clothing are equally responsible.

How frequently and where we shop, and how we approach and care for our wardrobes are all important factors in our ecological footprint and steps of sustainable fashion formula. How often does it happen that you buy something and realize days, weeks, or months later that we already had something practically the same? A great first step is organizing you wardrobe. Take stock in what you have, and take care of it. Your closet, like your home, is a direct reflection of your mental state.


Wear The Change: Checkout Sustainable Fashion Formula

Firstly, declutter. A great first step to avoiding this is organizing your wardrobe. Take stock in what you have, and care for it. Mindfulness is not something we typically associate with fashion, but that segregation is partly how we got to this level of irresponsible consumerism.

Shop Smart

Wear The Change: Checkout Sustainable Fashion Formula

Understanding what you're buying and who you're buying it from is the single most important change you can make as a fashion consumer. Consider this simple, age-old rule: quality over quantity. Spend a little more on a piece you know is well-made as opposed to a few garments that are bound to fall apart. It will result in less consuming overall, hence in sustainable fashion.

Wash Responsibly

Wear The Change: Checkout Sustainable Fashion Formula

A typical wash in a washing machine uses 45 gallons of water per load of laundry (even the highest efficiency ones use 15-30), that’s half of daily water usage for an average American. Consider alternate approaches to cleaning your clothes. Can it be hand-washed in a sink? It would be better for delicate garments anyway.

Hang It Out to Dry

Wear The Change: Checkout Sustainable Fashion Formula

You can save 12% of energy typically used in a household by skipping the clothes dryer resulting into your contribution to sustainable living. Make use of the unending- free- energy source: the sun. Next time you go to do your laundry, think about stringing a clothes line (whether on your fire escape, in your living room, or backyard). In addition to saving energy, you will be benefitted by your clothes increased life.

Give Back

Wear The Change: Checkout Sustainable Fashion Formula

One of the simplest ways to influence our consumer habits is to remind ourselves what we're doing it for. All the ingredients that make up our clothing come from nature in some way, the question is always at what cost. The more time you spend appreciating the source, the more you'll be motivated to ask the question.

Sustainability is a widely recognized concern and priority for healthy growth of the society and for preservation of the planet. Do your bit, Wear The Change!